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SkinWhite® Is the Pioneer Skin Whitening Brand in the Philippines.

When we began this company in 1999, we knew that Filipinas were looking for a gentle, safe, and effective skincare product that would answer their need for whiter, brighter, smoother skin.

Our very first SkinWhite® product was a hit beyond our wildest expectations. It was the beginning of a skin whitening revolution that has helped us capture the respect and loyalty of our users.

In the years that followed, we expanded our Classic offerings beyond skin lotion and introduced innovative skin whitening lines using these amazing ingredients: Glutathione, Papaya Milk, and Kojic Acid.

We continued with our own pioneering research on the safest, most effective technologies that whiten, protect, and nourish skin. The following innovations were products of that research:

Skin Whitening Products Made for You

With over 20 years of expertise in the skincare industry, we’ve come to understand the beauty and skin whitening needs of Asian women.

Our insight into your dreams and aspirations has helped us develop several brand-new whitening products that are based on our groundbreaking technologies and are formulated with active ingredients that produce results within days of use.

Today, SkinWhite® offers skin whitening lotions, soaps, deodorants, body wash, facial wash, facial cleanser, and face cream powder. They now form part of a wider skincare line that builds upon our original promise – creating innovative products that take care of your skin whitening needs.

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SkinWhite® proudly introduces its seven major skincare variants:


SkinWhite® Teens, our line of lotions for teenagers, is the only safe whitening product for teens. It is gently formulated for everyday skin whitening care – hypoallergenic, full of vitamins (with SkinWhite®’s Vitanourish Formula), and available in SPF 10.

SkinWhite® Teens comes in fruity floral scents that smell oh so good!

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SkinWhite® Classic is our flagship product line for all basic whitening needs. SkinWhite® Classic’s Light Feel Technology (LFT) is non-sticky and light on the skin, yet deeply moisturizing.

SkinWhite® Classic Whitening Lotion with LFT comes in SPF10 and SPF 20. SkinWhite® Classic also offers Powder Silk deodorant.

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SkinWhite® MoistureWhite introduces our users to the power of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), a moisture magnet that keeps skin plump and hydrated and helps achieve moisturized white skin.

SkinWhite® MoistureWhite comes in SPF16 lotion and soap that’s clinically tested safe for face and body.

SkinWhite® also offers advanced, power-whitening products that gives results in just 1-2 weeks. These products use some of the most powerful and effective skin whitening ingredients known in the market today, like glutathione, Vitamin C, and kojic acid.

They address specific whitening needs of Filipinas, who understand and appreciate the full benefits of these powerful ingredients.


SkinWhite® PowerWhitening line is SkinWhite®’s advanced beauty skin care line with Advanced Tripower Technology that acts on melanin production. This skincare lineup is enriched with our InstantWhite Formula, which visibly whitens skin upon application.


SkinWhite® Glutathione + Vitamin C is one of our most popular lines with advanced skin whitening users, especially the soap. This line harnesses the antioxidant strength of glutathione and Vitamin C, that work from the inside of the body to give the body a radiant, outer glow. Now formulated with 2 times the original amount of glutathione.


SkinWhite® Kojic Acid + Retinol is our advanced line of products with two potent ingredients – Kojic Acid and Retinol. Together, they act on scars, sunspots, and other skin discoloration, giving skin a youthful, white, and newly exfoliated glow in as fast as 7 days.

SkinWhite®’s Naturals Line merges science and nature, with the use of papaya milk as a natural, herbal solution. This line offers SkinWhite® lotion in SPF 10 and a Naturals soap with papaya milk that give women soft and natural white skin.

The Brand That Powers Your Whitening Needs

SkinWhite® continues to apply the best of scientific and natural technologies and use the highest quality ingredients to power the whitening needs of its consumers.

We’re excited to continue our journey with you, pioneering more skincare whitening products that take care of your skin the natural, healthy, effective way.

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