Get Your Bright Back Even on Sunny Days!

Most Filipinos will joke around that the Philippines has only 2 kinds of weather – hot and hotter because of its sunny and humid weather conditions almost all year round. The scorching heat of the sun hinders us from enjoying the outdoors as it can really damage our skin especially with prolonged exposure. The rays of the sun result to skin dryness, skin discoloration, dark spots and eventually skin aging.  Among all skin problems, skin discoloration and uneven skin tone have been prominent concerns to many Filipinas that many of us are afraid of the sun.

So, should we all just stay indoors? No way! SkinWhite®, the pioneer skin whitening brand in the Philippines, gives us the power to enjoy the sun while it keeps our skin white!

Power up under the sun with SkinWhite® Powerwhitening Products

SkinWhite® Powerwhitening InstantWhite Lotion contains SPF 20 that protects the skin from the harmful UV rays. It also has the Advanced TriPower Technology which screens the harmful UV rays from entering the innermost layer of the skin and combats melanin production that causes dark pigmentation.

What’s more to love is that it has a unique Instant White Formula that immediately brightens your skin as soon as you apply it! Your skin will look whiter and more radiant as soon as you step out.

Complete your power regimen with SkinWhite® Powerwhitening soap and SkinWhite® PowerWhitening® Facial Cleanser. SkinWhite® Powerwhitening Soap safely attacks the three stages of melanin production to help you achieve your whitest white with continuous use. It has a refreshing scent that will keep your body smelling clean! Meanwhile, SkinWhite® PowerWhitening® Facial Cleanser is not just your ordinary cleanser that only removes dirt and excess oil. It has the BioProtectant formula that protects the skin from the harmful pollutants while making your face fairer and clearer in as fast as 7 days!

Not a fan of soap? SkinWhite® has got you covered! It also has SkinWhite® Powerwhitening Body Wash to keep your skin silky-white, clean, and moisturized with every shower.

Headin’ outside? don’t forget to power up with SkinWhite® Powerwhitening products!

SkinWhite® products are available in all major supermarkets, drugstores, and pharmacies nationwide.

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